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Trip Planner logo Whatever kind of holiday destination you're looking for, you're sure to find somewhere in France or Spain that's perfect for you - and now you can find it easily on our new and improved Trip Planner map!

Discover fascinating destinations where you've never been; or simply some more attractions to visit in your favourite corner of France or Spain. You'll be surprised at just what's out there! Use the Trip Planner to plot some of your favourite spots to visit and plan new places to see nearby.

We have hundreds of cities and towns, attractions, and events to visit all plotted on this interactive map. There's also thousands of our holiday properties to pick your ideal place to stay, whether you'd like a cottage, hotel, chalet campsite or even a golf course as your holiday base.

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What's on Trip Planner?

Places and attractions

Explore over 130 places to visit and more than 550 great attractions. From theme parks to museums and chateaux to activity centres, there's something for everyone.

Trip Planner Explore Map Events and festivals

Browse over 100 regularly updated events and festivals in France and Spain and find out whether there's a local food festival, music event, or exhibition near you during your holiday.

Holiday accommodation

Whatever holiday you are looking for, we have your accommodation sorted. Choose from 2000+ hotels, chalet campsites, apartments, gites and cottages and more. We even have golf courses and some villas to choose from.

What can I do with Trip Planner?


Plot your entire journey from your home to your holiday destination, with directions to and from the port and your crossing in between. You can also plot other directions so that you can plan out day trips to attractions that you want to visit during your holiday.

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You can do a variety of different searches using the search box by selecting different categories. Find locations you want to visit, the perfect hotel, or keyword search for themed attractions such as WW2.


You can create your own itinerary with the new MyMap feature. Pick all the places, attractions and events that you'd like to visit and add them to MyMap. You can also add custom pins to places that are important to you such as your favourite secluded sandy cove or a relative's house.

Can I keep a map once I've built it?

Bookmark it

Add the URL of your map to your bookmarks in your browser or simply copy it and keep it safe somewhere for you to go back to.

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Share it

Once you've created your holiday itinerary, why not share it via email or social media to see what your friends and family think? You can share your map on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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