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Boarding our ships

If you are a first time Brittany Ferries traveller or would like more detailed information about our check-in procedure and more, please watch our informative videos.

What to expect when you travel with us

If you haven't travelled with us for a while or would just like a recap of what happens when you come aboard, this guide is for you. We know that sitting in a car lane watching people go on before you, when you have arrived early, can be frustrating. Please watch our new 'boarding our ships' video for information about the boarding and loading procedures of our ships - it's a complex process that takes place according to a detailed pre-organised plan.

Handy travel checklist

  • Passports for all passengers
  • Your booking reference
  • Your car adheres to the regulations of the country you are visiting including legal safety requirements such as a warning triangle, high visibility vests etc
  • A travel bag packed with the essentials you need to take on board with you
  • Arrive in plenty of time for the check-in process prior to departure
  • Latest check-in is 45 minutes prior to departure or 90 minutes if travelling with your pet
  • If travelling with a pet, they have a valid pet passport and a muzzle for dogs

Travelling with young children

Taking the family on our ferries is easy with plenty of things for little ones to do. Choose a sailing to suit you so that you arrive closer to your holiday destination – meaning less time stuck in the car!

What's it like for disabled travellers?

This film gives you an idea of what to expect if you, or one of your party, has a disability or impaired mobility, especially if using a wheelchair. We can offer as much or as little help as you need.

Travelling by motorcycle

France and Spain are ideal for motorbike touring with miles of great roads and fantastic scenery. This guide explains how your bike will be carefully secured on the car-deck for the duration of your sailing.

Travelling by bicycle

Travelling on our ferries with a bicycle is cheap and simple. Your bike is safely secured on the car-deck whilst you get to start enjoying the ship before all the car passengers get on as bicycles are loaded first.

Taking your caravan

Travelling by ferry with your caravan is incredibly simple. Drive on just like all the other cars and park up! You'll find our car decks have plenty of space.

Welcome on board

With elegant surroundings, stylish bars and lounges and superb cuisine – not to mention our award-winning service and excellent onboard facilities – you can simply sit back and enjoy the experience.