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PETS Travel Scheme

Taking your pets to France or Spain by ferry

If you love your holidays but always feel sad at the prospect of leaving behind your four-legged friend, then Brittany Ferries has the answer. As an approved carrier of dogs and cats under the PETS travel scheme, it's easy to take your pet on holiday to France or Spain with us. All you need is a valid EU pet passport; available from any registered vet.

More information about the Pet Passport can be found on the website for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The carriage of pets is subject to availability and is very popular. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. Bookings for pet travel cannot be made on the day of departure.

Holiday bookings with pets

If you're looking to book a ferry-inclusive holiday with us, please ensure you have chosen accommodation that accepts pets. Bookings without pet accommodation may be refused.

View information by ship

Procedures on board differ between our two ships. For more information on travelling with your pet on Pont-Aven or Connemara, click on the links below.

Benefits of taking your pet on holiday

  • Avoid the worry associated with leaving your pet behind
  • Avoid the stress of kennel accommodation on your pet
  • Save on kennel costs
  • Enrich your holiday activities
  • Quite simply because you will enjoy it and make some great memories!

PETS Travel Scheme summary

What you need (From Ireland)

An EU pet passport or third country certificate showing that the pet has been micro chipped and vaccinated against rabies. N.B. Your pet may not leave or re-enter Ireland until 21 calendar days have elapsed from the date of the rabies vaccination. Rabies boosters must be kept up to date. A muzzle is also compulsory.

What you need (From France or Spain)

Dogs - A pet passport or third country certificate showing the dog has been treated against tapeworm not less than 24 hours, and not more than 120 hours before arrival in Ireland.  Tick treatment is not required. A muzzle is also compulsory.

Cats - A pet passport or third country certificate is required. Tick and tapeworm treatment is no longer needed.

For further details please see the PETS Travel Scheme compliance checklist.

It is not possible to book animals that are not covered by the Pets Travel Scheme online. To make bookings of this type, please call us on 021 4277 801.

Kennels on board Pont-Aven

The 42 small and 24 large kennels are located on deck 10 and are accessible at all times via a swipe card which is issued on board. There is an open-air, exercise area, just below the kennels on deck 9. Access to this area is via a set of stairs leading down from the kennels. Please note that this is the only area in which you may exercise your dog, with all other interior and exterior areas out of bounds. Remember that muzzles must be worn at all times.

Feeding and water bowls are provided, and there is a water tap nearby. Bedding is not supplied, so please bring your own.

Small kennels

As a guide the following breeds would be considered suitable for small kennels:

Basset Hound, Beagle, Poodle, King Charles Spaniel, Terrier and Jack Russell.

Large kennels

As a guide the following breeds would be considered suitable for large kennels:

German Shepherd, Labrador, Dalmatian, Boxer, Pointer and Setter.

Please ensure that your dog(s) will have suitable space within the kennel dimensions described above. Please also ensure that you reserve the correct size of kennel for your dog (see above definitions). If you reserve a kennel size that is unsuitable for the size of your dog, carriage may not be guaranteed.

Kennel dimensions
Dimension Small kennelLarge kennel
Height540 mm /
21½ inches
1000 mm /
39½ inches
Width545 mm /
21½ inches
1000 mm /
39½ inches
Depth800 mm /
31½ inches
900 mm /
35½ inches

Pet-friendly cabins on board Connemara & Kerry

When travelling to Santander or Roscoff, Connemara is equipped with 13 pet-friendly cabins on deck 6 whilst Kerry has 7 pet-friendly cabins, also on deck 6. These cabins comfortably accommodate a single pet, however if you are travelling with more than one and wish to discuss your options please call 021 427 7801 and one of our Reservation agents will be able to help with your arrangements.

For your pet's comfort, there is a small pet exercise area, at the rear of the ship, that is approximately 20m long. This is solely for customers travelling with their animals and will be open shortly after departure and closed shortly before arrival.

Cabin information

- Inside or outside large 4 berth
- En suite
- Air-conditioned
- Bunk style beds
- Laminate flooring
- Window

All of our cabins are en suite, air conditioned and have fresh linen and towels. Soap and shower gel are also provided in case you want to freshen up and you'll also find at least 1 plug socket to use or to charge any electrical appliances that you may have.

Guide to travelling with your pet

Prices for taking your pet between to France and Spain

RoutePer pet
Ireland - France€47
France - Ireland€47
Ireland - Spain€47
Spain - Ireland€47

Essential checklist

  • Has your pet been micro-chipped and is the microchip number correctly entered in the passport?
  • Was your pet vaccinated after the microchip was implanted?
  • Have you found a vet in France or Spain able to treat your dog for tapeworm?
  • Has the tapeworm treatment been done more than 24 but less than 120 hours before scheduled arrival time in Ireland?
  • Has the vet validated the entry for tapeworm treatment which must include the date and time of administration in the passport with an official veterinary stamp and signature.
  • Does the tapeworm treatment record include the name of the product used?
  • Do you have a muzzle and have you familiarised your pet with it?
  • Does your animal have water, absorbent bedding and adequate ventilation in your car for the crossing?
  • Do you have enough poo bags?

Watch our video about travelling with your pet

Vets near our ports in France and Spain

These are some vets that are qualified to treat your pet before returning to Ireland under the PETS Travels Scheme in locations around our ports. A list of more vets in northern France and Spain is available on our UK site.


Vétérinaire De Kerzourat - 9 Rue Charles le Goffic 29250 St Pol de Léon - (00 33) 298 291424

Vétérinaire Feydy - Avenue des Carmes 29250 St Pol de Léon - (00 33) 298 690748


Clínica Veterinaria Sardinero - Avda los Castros 29 39005 Santander - (00 34) 942 276953 OR (00 34) 639 031231

Clínica Veterinaria Bahía - Calle Madrid, 7 39009 Santander - (00 34) 942 314518 OR (00 34) 647 489006

Clínica Veterinaria Puerto Chico - C/ Andrés del Río, 7 Bajo 39004 Santander - (00 34) 942 050709

Clínica Veterinaria Canalejas - Plaza Alhucemas, 1 39004 Santander - (00 34) 942 273989 OR (00 34) 676 199887

Clínica Veterinaria Duncan - Paseo del General Dávila, 64 39006 Santander - (00 34) 942318136 OR (00 34) 607379563

Clínica Veterinaria Losada - General Moscardó, 3 Bajo 39009 Santander - (00 34) 942 035201 OR (00 34) 609 133242