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Where are animals kept whilst on board?

Two sizes of kennels are provided for dogs onboard the Pont-Aven on the Cork to Roscoff and Plymouth/Portsmouth to Santander routes. Animals are not permitted in the passenger areas of the ship. (except guide dogs)


The kennels are situated on deck 10 on board Pont-Aven. There is an open-air exercise area provided for exercise and comfort breaks on the deck 9, just below the kennels, which is accessed by a set of stairs. You may visit your dog at any time, but please remember this is the only area in which you may exercise your dog with all other interior and exterior areas being out of bounds. For pets who remain in vehicles on the Pont-Aven there are set times for you to visit the garage to exercise and toilet them. Muzzles are compulsory whilstoutside of your vehicle or the kennel.

Cap Finistère

On board Cap Finistère, the kennels are located on deck 10 with a dedicated enclosed area adjacent to the kennels provided for exercise and comfort breaks. Muzzles are compulsory whilst outside the kennel or during transit from your vehicle to and from the kennels. You may visit your dog at any time, however, pets are not permitted to stay in vehicles on Cap Finistère.

The kennels on the Bretagne are situated in the garage on Deck 5 where a small exercise area is provided. Dogs can be left in your vehicle if you wish. Pet visits are at 12h00 and 15h00 on a day sailing and 22h00 on an overnight sailing.

Our other vessels do not have kennels and all animals remain in your vehicle. Visits to exercise your pet and allow them a comfort break are made by arrangement with staff at the Information Desk onboard. Visits to the garage on our high speed services are not permitted unless there are exceptional circumstances.


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