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Brittany Ferries and the Environment

Supporting marine conservation

As a company founded by farmers and still, largely, owned by farmers, we have a profound respect for the environment and appreciate the need to preserve scarce resources.That's why we do as much as we can to reduce the impact that we, as a company, have on the environment and to help those who are working in conservation.

Being based in Brittany, an area with a rich maritime history, gives us a great understanding of the need to protect the marine environment and the creatures that live there. We work with various marine charities and scientific research projects to help protect and monitor the seas and their wildlife and to educate our customers about the need for marine conservation and protecting the environment.

Our environmental ambassador, Chris Packham

"As an environmentalist, I am extremely encouraged to see an enlightened company such as Brittany Ferries working with charities and scientific establishments for the benefit of all.
This is why I am pleased to act as their Environmental Ambassador and I have no hesitation in commending you to take a trip to Spain on one of their marvellous cruise-ferries to see how many species of marine life you can spot."

What do we do to protect the environment?

You can find out lots more about what we do to protect the environment through the links to our UK site below.

Brittany Ferries & the Environment