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Disabled passengers travelling with Brittany Ferries

To make the most of your travel with Brittany Ferries please tell us how we can help you

Brittany Ferries very much hopes that all passengers enjoy a totally relaxing journey on board our ships and this is particularly so for a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility. With this in mind we need you to tell us the level of assistance you will require for your travel when you make your booking.

Before choosing to travel by sea you should be aware that there maybe one or two limitations in the service and facilities that we can provide. The design and construction of a ship can make it difficult for some disabled passengers to negotiate and you may find it helpful to travel with an able bodied companion to assist you during the voyage. To comply with safety regulations we may have to limit the number of passengers needing individual assistance on each crossing.

Please let us know your exact requirements at the time of booking your travel and again when you arrive at ticket check-in. If you ask for additional assistance, there may be a delay in boarding - your embarkation and disembarkation will take place at the most appropriate time to allow maximum space and assistance on the ferry.

There may be times when your booking has been confirmed by us but, after discussing the assistance you require and consulting with the relevant ships and ports, we may be unable to carry you on a particular sailing having already reached the limit of disabled persons we can carry in a safe or operationally feasible manner.

Things to bear in mind


All of our cruise ferries have lifts to help you when leaving the vehicle decks and while moving around the ship during the voyage. If you need to be parked close to a lift, it is essential that you tell us when making your booking and again at ticket check-in. The limited spaces for wheelchair passengers close to the lifts are only allocated to passengers with a disability on a first come first served basis, at the time of booking. The loading crew will do their best to help you negotiate the busy garage and make your way to the lifts; this will be a little more tricky during peak holiday times and we will be happy to advise you of the best routes and times to travel for maximum space and comfort.

You should be aware that you may experience bumpy seas, steep stairs, raised bulkheads and heavy sea doors on the ship and this must be considered before planning your journey. Our ships and ports will vary, if you would like further advice please contact us on 021 4277 801 or by email to


We have a range of wheelchair accessible cabins, some have bunk beds and your travelling companion/s may need to use an upper bunk. Cabins that are not adapted for wheelchairs have narrow doorways and a step into the bathroom. Wheelchair accessible cabins are limited however, and early booking is essential to avoid disappointment. These cabins will appear under the heading 'Cabins for passengers travelling in a wheelchair' on step 3 of the booking pages. They are available on all cruise ferries except Barfleur.

Visual impairment

Our ships have some Braille signage onboard, but not all services have information available in Braille. If you or a member of your travelling party has a visual impairment, please report to the Information Desk onboard and a member of crew will assist you with your orientation of the ship. We recommend that you travel with a fully sighted companion if you are likely to require further assistance during the journey.

Hearing impairment

If you or a member of your travelling party has a hearing impairment, please report to the Information Desk onboard. The crew will make arrangements to ensure that you receive all important messages being made over the onboard speaker system.

Assistance dogs

If you are travelling with a registered assistance dog, it is essential that you notify us at the time of booking. The dog must comply with the PETS Travel Scheme.You must carry proof that your animal is an Assistance Dog. You will be responsible for the welfare of the dog at all times. Please note that sea travel can be distressing for animals and the safety and comfort of other passengers should not be compromised.

At the port

All Passenger Terminals have disabled access and facilities. If you require additional assistance getting onboard or around the ship, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. The level of assistance we can reasonably provide is limited and subject to high demand. To discuss further please contact us for advice on 021 4277 801 or by email to


You should inform us of any disability or impairment you have on step 5 of the booking pages or by contacting us. Wheelchair accessible cabins (subject to availability) can be booked on step 3. You should find the answers to any questions you may have contained on this website or our UK site.


We offer a range of holiday accommodation in both France and Spain which may be suitable for disabled persons.

Visit our UK site to view the properties

Before booking your holiday, please contact us so we can confirm that your chosen accommodation will be suitable for your requirements as some self-catering properties and hotels will have steps, steep stairs, narrow doors and awkward corners.

We do ask that you inform us fully and frankly of any special needs or requests you may have.

Problem solving

If you have problems making your booking or you receive an error message it may be because the space limit has been reached for your travel requirements. There may be space available on crossings either side of your chosen departure date. If you continue having difficulties, we will be pleased to help and advise you on the options available through our Reservations service on 021 4277 801 or via email to

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Contact us

If you require further information about travelling with us or have any queries about our holiday accommodation, please call our Reservations Team on 021 4277 801.

Helpful check list

  • Have you provided us with sufficient information about your disability?
  • Have you advised us of the level of assistance required?
  • Are you travelling with an able-bodied travelling companion?
  • Are you sure the cabin you have chosen is suitable for both you and your travelling companion/s?

What is Passenger Rights?

How does it affect ferry travel for the disabled?

Passenger Rights is an EU wide ruling that requires most maritime travel operators and the ports they use to make certain provisions for passengers in the event of delays or cancellations. It also provides direction for operators and ports alike for the carriage of disabled travellers (particularly those with limited mobility).

Full details can be found on the Citizens Information Board website.

Autism and travelling with Brittany Ferries

An aerial view of Pont-Aven in Santander

At Brittany Ferries, we appreciate how difficult and intimidating travelling can be for a child on the autistic spectrum. Our travel booklet has been designed to familiarise themselves with our ports, ships and procedures before they travel.