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This website makes use of access keys that are intended to help users who have difficulty in using pointing devises such as a mouse or those who prefer using keyboard shortcuts.

Access keys can be used to navigate around the main sections of our website as shown in the Access key menu below*. Press the appropriate keys for your browser in conjunction with the accesskey.

* Access keys are present on the vast majority of pages on our site.

How to access your browser shortcuts
Browser Key Combination
Internet Explorer "Alt" + "access key" then "Enter"
Firefox 1.5 "Alt" + "access key"
Firefox 2, 3 and 4 "Shift" + "Alt" + "access key"
Safari / Mac & Firefox 2.0 / Mac "Ctrl" + "access key"
Access Key Menu
Access Key Destination
1 Home
2 Quote & Book
3 Site Search
4 Sitemap
5 Routes & Timetables
6 Holidays
7 Contact Us
8 Request A Brochure
9 Terms & Conditions
0 Accessibility

How to Change Text Size

You can increase the font size on this website by adjusting the browsers display settings. Most of the common browsers support this.

How to adjust the text size in various browsers
Browser Menu Items Macintosh Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Internet Explorer View >
Text Size >
(select) smaller to Largest
n/a n/a
Firefox View >
Text Size >
(select) Increase or decrease
"+/-" "Ctrl" + "+/-"
Netscape View >
Text Size >
(select) Increase or decrease
"+/-" "Ctrl" + "+/-"
Opera View >
Zoom >
(select) %
"+/-" "+/-" or "0"
Safari (Mac) View >
Make Text Bigger >
Make Text Smaller
"+/-" n/a

Viewing the full screen

It is possible to view the full screen and remove some of the browser's navigation and address bar. This is done by pressing "F11" on the keyboard. Press "F11" again to return the browser to display it's navigation and address bar.